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Here at Via Balbi we put our focus on Liguria, its traditional recipes and its products.

For the ones not familiar with the region, Liguria is a very difficult land to cultivate, with mountains abruptly ending into the Mediterranean Sea.

Only the hard work of the farmers, that from generation to generation shaped the steep sides of the mountains into terraces, allowed the land to grow products which are real culinary excellences.

Think about the "Basilico Genovese DOP", main ingredient of the Pesto, or the "Taggiasca" olive, which gives an oil among the most renowned in Italy, or autochtonous vineyards of Vermentino, Pigato and Rossese di Dolceacqua (just to name a few of the most awarded Ligurian wines).

Ligurian cuisine is poor in the most noble meaning of this word.

Poor means simple and delicate, it means that the focus is on the ingredients.

Here at Via Balbi we do our best to serve our customers the authenticity of the Ligurian flavours, in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

Via Balbi is also take-away, wine bar and retail corner, where you can buy a selection of wines, olive oils, pesto and other products directly imported from what we consider the best small producers of the region.


About Via Balbi

Brussels' Kitchen

“It is simply what was missing in the neighborhood... a real revelation about Liguria's finest products and recipes ”

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